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From functional membrane materials to integrated filtration skid systems

ALSYS designs, builds and operates industrial equipment based on membrane filtration processes in either a customized or standardized approach.



  • Solutions provider with packaged services from process design (proof of concept, feasibility, front end engineering study, and demonstration studies) to project development (engineering and design, procurement, fabrication and commissioning) and operations (on-site maintenance, continuous assistance)
  • Competitive offerings including integrated packages from membrane materials (CTI, Orelis, CeraMem) and full package filtration skid to meet customers’ industrial performance needs (Orelis, CeraMem)
  • Innovative technologies like Pervaporation pilot plant

Standard range of skid

  • CeraMem FMS4, FMS8 and FMS12 Membrane Systems
  • CeraMem Industrial LIS Systems
  • Orelis Kleansep, Klearsep
  • Orelis Pervaporation pilot plant. More information: ALSYS – EN0302 – PERVAPORATION Data Sheet.pdf


Key technologies and expertise :

  • Ceramic and Polymeric Membranes, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Pervaporation, Gas Separation, Chemical engineering, Cross-flow filtration, dead-end filtration
  • Integration of downstream and upstream process equipment (chemicals treatment, pre-filters, reverse osmosis …)
  • Filtration, clarification, concentration and purification

More information: Orelis-ALSYS Group