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Responsible management of the Food & Feed industry

Demographic changes on a worldwide scale have a strong impact on human food and animal feed.

To respond to growing demand, as well as quality and safety requirements throughout the food chain, ALSYS intervenes on two levels:

  • Development of functional materials, processes and industrial equipment contributing to the production of ingredients and foodstuffs
  • Formulation of functional actives to ensure the health and development of animals while avoiding the use of hormones and antibiotics.


Functional materials, processes and equipment for the production of foodstuffs and ingredients

With regard to human food and animal feed, ALSYS offers KLEANSEP™ technologies, which guarantee the performance of production processes (production tool reliability, competitiveness of production expenses, etc.) while ensuring the optimal nutritional quality of its formulations.


These ranges of ceramic membranes, processes and membrane filtering systems can be used for various applications, including:

  • The area of biotechnologies based on industrial fermentation (amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics)
  • The development of sugar and starch derivatives (sugar juice, glucose syrup, high-fructose corn syrup)
  • The design of foodstuffs and beverages (wines, juice, dairy products and derivatives, spring water)


Anti-microbial materials

With regard to animal nutrition, ALSYS develops technologies that allow optimal results to be obtained while guaranteeing the good health of animals.

Produced from minerals with no environmental impact and approved for animal feeds, the additive makes it possible to offer natural and innovative solutions to support breeding performance and economics.

Sustainable and profitable, these growth promoters are an alternative to drugs and constitute a solution for the future to guarantee healthier and better quality breeding production while offering optimised costs.

ALSYS is also working on a range of innovative solutions for the food preservation.



More information: Orelis-ALSYS Group