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Long-time proven membranes

ALSYS polymeric membranes are flat-sheet installed in modules with plates (PLEIADE® and module MP4®) or spiral shape (PERSEP®).



  • Easy to maintain: each plate is individually removable (PLEIADE® et MP4®)
  • High durability



  • Polymeric materials based on PAN or PVDF
  • Number of membrane plates: from 20 to 252 plates (PLEIADE®), from 28 to 42 plates (MP4®)
  • Liquid path thickness: from 1,65 mm to 4,5 mm
  • Filtration surface from 0,33 m2/plate (MP4®) to 0,35 m2/plate (PLEIADE®) to 28,1 m2/tube (PERSEP®)
  • Cut-off: from 5 kD to 0,25 µm
  • Temperature limitation: 50°C (PLEIADE®), 45°C (MP4®)




Product data sheet

More information: Orelis-ALSYS Group