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A high-tech technology for “zero-fault” moulding

In high-precision industries such as aeronautics and aerospace, zero fault and the absolute absence of inclusions in finished products are fundamental requirements.

To meet these essential needs, metal filtering represents the safest solution for retaining slag before it reaches the mould and causes faults.

Thanks to its history as a ceramist and its high-tech expertise, ALSYS has developed and commercialised multi-cellular filters in special SUPERFILTRAMICS® materials, worldwide. These materials enable to filter molten metals at temperatures up to 1650°C.


SUPERFILTRAMICS filters meet the filtering needs of all alloys of aluminium and copper, cast irons, super-alloys and even certain special steels.


The high technology of SUPERFILTRAMICS filters allows:

  • The rate of rejects to be considerably reduced
  • Restarting costs to be reduced
  • Moulding structures to be improved
  • Mechanical properties of structures to be improved
  • Surface states to be improved
  • Loss of yield to be reduced
  • Corrosion resistance to be improved
  • The risk of leaks in parts tested under pressure to be eliminated
  • Machining tolerances to be limited, particularly with steel components