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Alsys' commitments


Thanks to its expertise in the treatment of liquids and gases through fundamental processes for the conservation of water and air such as filtration and catalysis, ALSYS is able to assist its customers:

  • in the development of technological solutions adapted to their specific application needs
  • to manage intensive Research & Development programmes in each area of activity
  • to anticipate changes and needs of the markets while facilitating the application of chemistry and physics on the industrial scale

Sustainable development

ALSYS develops neutral solutions in many areas for:

  • The reduction in the use of products which are harmful for the environment and for human health,
  • The treatment of pollutant and particulate emissions,
  • The treatment of crops allowing farmers to get away from using pesticides.

In the water cycle for the Oil and Gas industry, ALSYS technologies allow:

  • Produced water treatment (membrane filtration systems and water treatment systems)
  • The reuse of the water for oil and gas extraction (polymer makedown and polymer injection plants).

Customer services

From the formulation of materials to the evaluation of technologies, ALSYS offers its customers its expertise and unique analytical assistance whether on-site or in our facilities.

  • On site, ALSYS can for example, establish the mapping of (VOC) gas emissions from a plant in order to measure the impact on its environment or to study the feasibility of filtering industrial liquids
  • In our facilities, it can perform a physical and chemical assessment of materials (membranes, minerals, etc.) to understand the nature of the elements or the origin of the alteration of a product.

Strategy & Values

ALSYS offers the treatment of natural elements. Indeed, this treatment involves the filtration of gases and liquids in an international social and industrial organization. This organization is made of efficient cogs. It is built on a synergy of competences marked by openness.

The character of our company is HEADING FOR THE FUTURE which supports our will to go straight to the future in a voluntary way.