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Oil and Gas: Innovative and efficient technologies for a lower impact on the environment and communities

ALSYS solutions aim to improve performance and safety during the production and processing stages of oil and gas. They contribute to the optimization of water use and effluent recycling, as well as the efficiency of catalysts and chemical formulations used in oil extraction and petrochemical industry.


Water recycling in the oil and gas industry

Moreover ALSYS provides robust, sustainable and innovative solutions for the treatment of effluent for the O&G market.

  • Firstly, in the upstream sector ALSYS technologies are able to treat and reuse produced water for a broad range of applications, including water flooding, steam flooding, chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR), steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), hydraulic fracturing, or for surface discharge. ALSYS technologies can also be used for the dewatering treatment of tailings ponds from oil sands operations.
  • Also, in the downstream sector ALSYS solutions are also involved in the treatment of desalter brine in refineries.


Enhanced Oil Recovery, Hydraulic fracturing

Especially, ALSYS offers injection equipment for chemical formulations (polymers) to improve the performance of oil and gas extraction.


Catalysts support in the refining industry

ALSYS offers, particularly, solutions to keep your reactors up and running with a range of guard bed media. The materials are porous ceramic able to trap particulates and other soluble metallic salt and thus protecting the catalyst bed from irreversible poisoning. The obvious benefits are :

  • Low shut down of the unit
  • Catalyst life is extended
  • Operating cost reduction


Similarly to the guard bed materials ALSYS proposes a wide range of zinc oxides for H2S captation useful in many industrial applications.

Oil and Gas