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Optimising water and liquid resources: a major challenge for society


The availability of water, the efficient management of resources and the quality of liquid formulations is becoming more impactful in both the municipal and industrial sectors.

Key application markets are industrial and mining wastewater treatment and reuse, industrial and domestic sewage bioreactor, leachate, industrial process-water. Reuse of liquid resources such as electrophoretic coating paint bath (e-coat), caustic soda, sulfuric acid recovery, detergent and other spent chemicals. For metal and coating industry, removal of pollutants and oily water separator. For maritime industry, shipboard bilge water and marine scrubber. For drinking water, ground water or surface water treatment, sea water desalination pre-treatment to reverse osmosis.


In order to face the daily challenges of communities or companies in this area, ALSYS offers sustainable and eco-responsible solutions that have been proven to be effective, reliable, and competitive.


Key technologies and expertise of Alsys in this field:

  • Ceramic and polymeric membranes, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, pervaporation, chemical engineering, cross-flow filtration, dead-end filtration
  • Integration of downstream and upstream process equipment (chemicals treatment, pre-filters, reverse osmosis …)
  • Separation function: filtration, clarification, concentration and purification



Examples of application for ALSYS advanced products:

Discover our application here (.pdf):

Degreasing Bath - Case study: ALSYS - EN0020 - KLEANSEP ULTRAFILTRATION SYSTEM - Case study Degreasing Baths - V05.21-2

Removal of heavy metals – Metal industry: ALSYS - US0601 - CeraMem Primary Metal Industry - Case study - V07.19

More information:

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