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Zinc oxides and materials for capture beds: 
2 families of proven products for gas capture

Over the last twenty years, ALSYS has conceived innovative materials for the capture of gases in close partnership with industry leaders.

Designed for the elimination of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), the ALSYS zinc oxides range offers capture performances which are particularly well-suited to petrochemical applications., such as hydro-desulphuration (HDS) processes and synthetic fuel (GTL) production units.

Another solution for the protection of catalysts, the Guard bed, allows particles and other carbon compounds to be retained while optimizing the gas flows in the reactors, thanks to the geometry and the specific nature of the mineral materials.

For example, ALSYS produces:

  • Porous or non-porous alumina Guard beds in the shape of fluted rings

Captation des gaz

  • High surface area alumina Guard beds in the shape of hollow cylinders

Captation des gaz

  • Zinc oxides (ZnO) with demonstrated qualities for the elimination of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) present in the gas flow

Captation des gaz