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Feasibility study

Alsys performs feasibility studies to:

  • Evaluate if a membrane separation process is applicable to your needs
  • Determine which type of membrane filtration technology is best suited for your needs



  • Separation, filtration, clarification, concentration, purification
  • Characterization of the products to be separated (real product or simulating compound). Chemical and physical analysis
  • Tests with laboratory or industrial size membranes
  • Validation of membrane selectivity
  • Comparison and selection of membrane and equipment
  • Evaluation of permeate flow rate, impact of concentration factor
  • Preliminary technical and economic evaluation of the proposed system
  • Application development at laboratory scale (preliminary project studies)


These studies and pilots can be carried out:

  • From a few days to a few weeks
  • At your site or at our sites in Salindres (France) or Boston (USA)


Our 2 test centers are equipped with:

  • All qualified personnel
  • The necessary equipment (20 different pilot systems, analysis tools, etc.)