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Safe, durable mineral solutions offering an alternative to current anti-microbial solutions

In the areas of healthcare, nutrition, agriculture or the environment, active antimicrobial materials offer alternatives to chemical treatments and constitute future solutions for a more sustainable world.

Conscious of the importance of this technology and the prospects it can offer, for more than ten years, ALSYS has developed antimicrobial active principles in its laboratories but also via numerous partnerships.

The object of continuous research, they have demonstrated their interest for multiple applications:

Human healthcare: 
Periodontal diseases and interdigital mycoses

Toothpaste additive allowing the adhesion of bacteria to teeth and gums to be limited: these infectious sites produce the loosening of teeth

Product which can combat interdigital mycoses due to the development of fungi (so-called “Athlete’s Foot” disease)


In the foodstuffs sector: 
Food & pet food packaging

Packaging additives allowing the development of bacteria to be prevented, offering longer conservation and limiting the use of preservatives (authorised by new European Regulations)

Additives for animal nutrition allowing animals to have better health while reducing the use of drugs


For Agriculture: 
Plant treatment

Pesticide substitution products with more environmentally friendly minerals. (tests performed in the framework of a joint research Programme INNOVARGALGUE)

This project aimed at developing products which are alternatives to pesticides, by seeking non-toxic, protective solutions coming from combinations of natural raw materials (mineral and marine origins). Numerous products have therefore been studied for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and apples as well as on vines.

Partners: CERAFEL-CATE (29), CEAFL-ARELPAL (44), UMR PaVé: INRA-Agrocampus (49), UMR PME : INRA – University – CNRS (21), Vegenov-BBV (29).


For the environment

Decontamination of industrial waters

ALSYS is working on an innovative system for the continuous treatment of water favouring the elimination of legionella with rates of 2 to 4 Log which allow to go beyond the shock treatments usually retained when a tolerated threshold is exceeded. This system falls into a preventive and not a curative logic.

 ALSYS has access to a large number of studies performed in partnership with private or government laboratories, demonstrating the activity of its products with respect to a large number of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, amoeba, yeasts) which it makes available to its new partners. In addition, ALSYS in 2017 became equipped with a microbiology laboratory which allows it to better understand the value of using its active materials for a given application and thus to assist its partners/customers in their development.