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Chemistry, a sector where filtration and catalysis technologies are essential.

Chemistry: Innovating for the sustainability and reliability of industrial equipment

The chemical industry needs for safety and efficiency are always growing also. Chemistry must constantly innovate to remain competitive, adhere to regulations and circular economy.The sustainability and reliability of industrial tools and its chemical process are key to performance.

In close collaboration with its customers, basically ALSYS offers a panel of products and services in the field of filtration and catalysis. For improving the protection and service life of equipment while increasing their eco-energetic efficiency.


Membrane filtration materials, processes and equipment for the production of chemicals

ALSYS designs membrane materials, processes and filtration systems. They can meet the most diverse needs of:

  • Industrial fermentation-based biotechnologies (organic acid, diol, etc.)
  • Bio-based products or related to the circular bioeconomy (biofuel, lignin derivatives, hemi-cellulose, algae, etc.)
  • Chemical products and renewable chemical platforms (organic pigment, alcohol dehydration, inorganic compounds, etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals and fine chemistry (solvent regeneration, antibiotics, vaccines, etc.)


Key technologies and expertise of ALSYS in this field:

  • Ceramic and polymeric membranes, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, pervaporation, chemical engineering, cross-flow filtration, dead-end filtration
  • Integration of downstream and upstream process equipment (chemicals treatment, pre-filters, reverse osmosis …)
  • Separation function: filtration, clarification, concentration and purification


ALSYS develops innovative technologies like pervaporation, a process for the separation of liquid mixtures by partial vaporisation. Moreover ALSYS has access to the technology of Hybsi® ceramic pervaporation membranes which allows water to be separated from solvents and organic compounds. Thus, ALSYS also has a mobile system on a pilot scale (feasibility studies, process design) and experience in the areas especially of:

  • solvent regeneration by dehydration (pharmaceutical industry)
  • concentration of aromatic mixtures (fine chemistry)
  • improvement of esterification processes by selectively eliminating water from the reaction mixture (chemistry)


More information (.pdf):


Chemical catalysis for green energy

Obviously, ALSYS develops catalytic solutions for the production of hydrogen and methane (from renewable energy sources), which represent a future path for the energy transition. ALSYS offers a global solution based in its expertise in both catalytic materials and absorbent materials.