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Development of polymeric membrane

First of all, Alsys is an expert in the development of polymeric membrane. Indeed, Alsys' expertise is in the design and manufacturing of polymeric membranes. Then, our historical know-how and our innovative dynamics are at the service of your projects. The development of polymeric membranes takes place in our Research & Development center.

Send us your project and we will determine together material best for you: orelis@alsys-group.com



  • Polymer development (PAN, PVDF, PES)
  • Development of a support (woven, non-woven), formulation of materials, deposition of membranes on the support
  • Technical objectives: porosity, mechanical and chemical resistance, surface affinity (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, ...)


Knowledge and experience

  • Polymer membrane range (Pleiade®) (see data sheet)
  • 3 materials (PAN, PVDF, PES), 1 geometry: flat (see data sheet)
  • A team of engineers and R&D technicians in materials and chemistry. Laboratories, analysis tools (SEM) and tests

Latest developments:

  • Membrane development: PAN hollow fiber
  • Membrane development: PAN for OSN application
  • Membrane development: PAN for hybrid membrane (gas separation CO₂ / N₂ / O₂)