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Sustainable development : A key player in the industry of the future

Faced with growing environmental and social challenges, ALSYS invests in research toward solutions that will reduce the impact of gases and liquids.


Committing to responsible approaches

ALSYS develops neutral solutions in many areas for:

  • The reduction in the use of products which are harmful for the environment and for human health,
  • The treatment of pollutant and particulate emissions,
  • The treatment of crops allowing farmers to get away from using pesticides.


Focus on sustainable energies

By collaborating with major players in the energy sector, ALSYS develops sustainable solutions aimed at transforming biomass into green energy:

  • Biofuels with membrane filtration solutions
  • Biogas with catalytic solutions


Heading for a circular economy

In the water cycle for the Oil and Gas industry, ALSYS technologies allow:

  • Produced water treatment (membrane filtration systems and water treatment systems)
  • The reuse of the water for oil and gas extraction (polymer makedown and polymer injection plants)


ALSYS studies with its customers recycling solutions for used catalysts to follow an ecological and economically approach. The recycling of catalysts includes the management of the removal of used equipment. Its also includes reprocessing to give it a second life.


Sustainable development

Sustainable development