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Reliable, custom-made refractory bricks to meet all situations

Through formulations, proven over several decades, ALSYS is able to provide solutions to any type of issue in the design of high temperature refractory bricks.

Produced solely from corundum aluminas and high quality raw materials which guarantee their exceptional quality, they can resist temperatures from 1650° to 1750° (ASTM class 33 and 34).

ALSYS has its own Design Office able to develop custom solutions and elaborate its own moulds, whether in classic or specific shapes.


Special cases, small and medium runs, very short delivery times... ALSYS can also assist you in all types of projects and offer you an A to Z service are particularly competitive prices.


ALSYS refractory bricks are distributed in 2 major product lines:


 > Insulating bricks

These bricks have the ability to create a thermal barrier and offer particularly diverse application possibilities. They are able to respond to needs such as high temperature furnace construction or very specific applications such as the crystallisation of synthetic rubies and sapphires. These parts are produced by pressing. Their shape can either be a simple parallelepiped brick or custom designed to incorporate more functionalities.


ALSYS can also design burner nozzles. These are nozzles made of refractory ceramic materials situated in the interface between the furnace and the fuel (such as hydrogen) that are able to resist temperatures greater than 2000°C.


> Dense bricks

ALSYS technology offers the possibility of making thermally and mechanically resistant plates and bricks in different formats, which can serve as baking supports.