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Pilot rental

We set up the Pilot rental from laboratory size to semi-industrial size, to allow access to results according to your specifications.

Pilot rental, a large choice in a range of mobile filtration platforms

  • First, very useful for in-situ testing: a portable Micro-Kleansep™ filtration system in a suitcase.
  • As has been noted, that our laboratory pilots remain transportable, and are equipped with single-channel ceramic membranes or polymeric membranes.
  • The semi-industrial size pilots are on a frame with wheels in order to position them in a safe place. The membranes are industrial size, multichannel for ceramic membranes and spiral for polymeric membranes.
  • We have pilot units with ceramic membranes only.
  • We also have polymeric membrane pilot units.

Wide variety of pilots available for rental:

  • Low pressure pilots: ultrafiltration, microfiltration, membrane contactors
  • High pressure pilots: reverse osmosis, nanofiltration
  • Pervaporation pilot
  • Gas separation pilot (not mobile)
  • Pilot capacity: from 0,15 m² to 19 m² (membrane area)
  • Micro-Kleansep portable filtration system (suitcase version)

We can assist you in the implementation of the pilot on your site through training of your staff and technical assistance to start the tests.