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Customer services is in ALSYS's DNA

From the formulation of materials to the evaluation of technologies, ALSYS offers its customers its expertise and unique analytical assistance whether on-site or in our facilities.

> On site, ALSYS can for example, establish the mapping of (VOC) gas emissions from a plant in order to measure the impact on its environment or to study the feasibility of filtering industrial liquids.

> In our facilities, it can perform a physical and chemical assessment of materials (membranes, minerals, etc.) to understand the nature of the elements or the origin of the alteration of a product.

Numerous services are available to respond to any type of issues that arise throughout the project lifecycle:


For example:

  • The audit of processes allows ALSYS to go onsite to analyse existing processes and advise methods to optimise them for increased profitability, and to meet standards and regulations in force
  • Assistance training personnel on the operating conditions of their installations (catalysts, filtering systems).



More specific demands can be treated for Catalysis:

  • SCR deNox processes (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
  • Catalyst assessment for validating its efficiency and estimating its service life.
  • Testing solutions on the market, by means of our testing centre for the benchmarking and comparative evaluation of numerous operating conditions
  • Tolling, making industrial means available for the execution of production steps in processes: extrusion, drying, calcining, impregnation, mixing.
  • The formatting of mineral materials accompanying operations of extrusion or uniaxial pressing.


More specific demands can be treated for Filtration:

  • The assessment of membranes to validate their performances.
  • The piloting of process solutions by of our technical centre and its range of systems on a pilot scale
  • The replacement of membranes and modules
  • Availability of technicians to perform preventive maintenance and standard exchanges of equipment.