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Innovative solutions and unique expertise for the treatment of nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx)

Industrialists are now facing stricter regulation limits regarding nitrogen oxide emissions (NO, NO2, N2O).

Amongst the processes for nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction, the SCR catalytic solution offers high levels of performances meeting more severe standard requirements.

Through its expertise in the development of mineral catalysts for the treatment of nitrogen oxides, ALSYS proposes a complete offer of services for industrial units operators (household waste incineration units, glass works, cement works, thermal power plants, incineration processes, etc.).

ALSYS is not only a catalyst designer and manufacturer, but also carries out product and process diagnoses and manages the removal and recycling of out of order catalysts in an eco-responsible and economically advantageous way. Therefore, ALSYS can adapt its offer and services to the nature of the project:

For new units:

  • Study of specifications and first recommendations
  • Design of the unit (reactor, flow management, operating conditions, etc.)
  • Choice of catalytic technology and supplying of the load
  • Technical assistance and training


For existing units:

  • Complete diagnosis in our laboratories of the existing technology, including the performance of the catalyst and deactivation mode based on the German standard VGB-S-302-00-2013-04-DE
  • Replacement of the catalytic load with the same guarantees as the original load. In agreement with its customers, ALSYS considers the possibility of re-generating used loads and giving them a second life, committing again to a circular economy approach.
  • On-site assistance and training of operators


For specific industries such as nitric acid production units, ALSYS applies its know-how and knowledge in the development and supply of innovative, patented catalytic technologies.

 ALSYS maintains a high level of expertise in the area through large innovative projects, supported by extensive means of evaluation at both the laboratory scale and pilot scale levels. 

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Senior Project Manager
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