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Ecological solutions for the production of hydrogen and methane

In the framework of the transition towards a low carbon economy, the production of hydrogen and methane is a major societal challenge today. With the advantage of being storable, these two compounds have been suggested as substitutes for fossil fuels in several areas, notably transportation and heating. In order to be sustainable, the gases must be produced without generating greenhouse gases.


With its great experience in this area, ALSYS offers catalytic solutions for hydrogen production from hydrocarbons and/or alcohols. The processes used are called reforming or water-gas shift reactions. ALSYS offers a wide range of catalysts in different forms (honeycombs, extruded forms, pellets, etc.)


ALSYS also develops innovative technologies for the production of “Green methane”. The decomposition of biomass generates sub-products such as CO and CO2, which are respectively toxic and harmful for the environment . Thanks to an innovative process and catalyst, ALSYS transforms these undesirable gases into “Clean Methane” which can be used in the energy chain.

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