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Water, wastewater process & water treatment systems: Engineering for serving turnkey solutions

Water, wastewater process & water treatment systems: Engineering for serving turnkey solutions

ALSYS provides the latest technology, designed and integrated within reliable, robust and operator safe systems and modular packages for all water, wastewater and process water needs: Water, wastewater process & water treatment systems: Engineering for serving turnkey solutions

ALSYS’ solutions for water and waste water are full turnkey offerings; plug and play treatment packaged plants that can be customized to individual site and effluent requirements. The plants are easily transported and installed anywhere and can be scaled up and down in conjunction with capacity requirements. Effluent is treated according to strict environmental standards for safe discharge or efficient recycle/reuse. ALSYS is highly experienced in several markets, especially in the Oil & Gas industry. 

For specific process water needs, ALSYS offers a customized approach from the evaluation of the customer need to the design and build of water treatment systems.



  • Portable water wastewater treatment plants available for sale or rent
  • Experienced engineering teams to select the correct technologies for the raw water onsite to ensure the system meets the appropriate regulations and drinking water guidelines. For example, in Canada, all of ClearBakk’s operators are certified by Alberta Environment to commission,berta Environment to commission, the KLEANSEP membranes? se methods to optimise them for increased profitability, ctful in both operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Customized solutions utilizing the best available technologies when treating process water for safe discharge or reuse.




System project development :

  • Engineering evaluations for all water and wastewater needs
  • Engineering and design: Detailed engineering design (process & instrumentation drawings – complete P&ID and layout, valves fittings and piping, system functional description, automation & control), 3D model review and any other required drawings
  • Safety studies: HAZID, HAZOP
  • Procurement and complete fabrication and assembly of all systems (including instrumentation, valves, piping, tank, mechanical, electrical, programming and custom paint/logo)
  • Stamping as required
  • Quality control & Testing
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Full sets of operating manuals and training
  • Operations (preventive maintenance …)



Key technologies and expertise:

  • Integration of chemical treatment such as chlorination, dechlorination, chloramination & disinfection, coagulation, defoamers & antifoams, flocculation & solids separation, odor & corrosion control, pH control & alkalinity adjustment
  • Ceramic and Polymeric Membrane, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Pervaporation, Gas Separation, Chemical engineering, Cross-flow filtration, dead-end filtration and integration of downstream and upstream process equipment (pre-filters, reverse osmosis …)


Case study:


More information: ClearBakk-ALSYS Group