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Following a responsible approach for directing innovation and growth

ALSYS puts emphasis on improving the efficiency of its customers’ filtration and catalysis activities and has developed a strategy based on two main axes:

>The pursuit of integration into the value chain by offering better technological responses and reinforcing its offer by greater diversification. ALSYS develops upstream processes and engineering in order to offer a group of services and skills from one end of the production chain to the other.

> International development of the company. By creating subsidiaries and acquiring companies both in France and abroad, ALSYS gets closer to its customers. More locations allow for expanded expertise and closer proximity to customers to help develop stronger relationships and partnerships.

Innovation constitutes a major lever in this strategy. ALSYS constantly invests in the search for innovative solutions, particularly in the area of functional materials and industrial processes.

Strategic development only makes sense if it is based on strong values. Since its creation, ALSYS has held respect for social and societal commitments as an integral part of its DNA.

  • ALSYS’ first commitment is to people, by guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for all its employees and also offering safe, quality products and systems for its customers, while encouraging discussions to understand and meet the needs of its partners.
  • ALSYS also commits to protecting the environment by proposing innovative solutions to optimise resource and energy consumption and actively participating in the sustainable development for our world.