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Publié le 15 February 2024

CeraMem Ultrafiltration Pilot

Pilot Scale Crossflow Membrane Filtration for a Variety of Liquid Purification, Separation, and Concentration Applications

CeraMem supplied an ultrafiltration pilot system to a producer of agrochemicals in the USA. The system (shown below) features a sanitary lobe pump, PLC with data logging, full automation, and three (3) Kleansep™ membranes. The system was used to generate sample product, and to acquire the membrane performance data needed to design a permanent, full-scale system.

If you need help with product purification, fractionation, or concentration, resource recovery and reuse, or wastewater recycle or minimization, please contact Kevin Donahue at kevin.donahue@alsys-group.com.



Advanced Ultrafiltration Full-Scale for Agrochemical Production

CeraMem Ultrafiltration Pilot