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Publié le 15 March 2024

Membrane Filtration for Sustainable Water Use

In a world facing increasing challenges in water resource management... Alsys emerges as a leader in the field of membrane technologies. As a specialized manufacturer, our company is committed to providing tailor-made solutions for the efficient reuse of industrial water. This article explores the advantages of our membrane technologies, highlighting our expertise and commitment to sustainable water use.

Alsys stands out for its extensive range of membrane technologies, including UF (Ultrafiltration) and RO (Reverse Osmosis). Particularly noteworthy is the use of ceramic membranes for Treated Wastewater Reuse. This unique versatility allows our company to adapt to the specific needs of each client. Offering customized solutions for sectors such as nuclear, pulp & paper, agri-food, and chemistry.

These membranes enable the separation or valorization of high-value liquid and solid by-products in the agri-food industry (milk, fruit, juice, wine, etc.). They also facilitate the recycling of water and chemicals used in certain industries, such as acids.

The rainfall levels recorded by meteorological stations underscore the urgency of finding ways to increase the reuse of industrial water. The membranes developed by Alsys play a crucial role in this vital mission by enabling industries to recover, treat, and reuse water, thereby significantly contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

Alsys's bold vision is supported by international strategies, notably in the United States and Canada. As Alsys’s CEO, François Garcia, affirms: "Our strategy is to create solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, combining technical expertise and a global vision of sustainability."

Our expertise in membranes and international experience make Alsys a trusted partner for industries worldwide. As highlighted by our process engineer, Thien Truong: "We combine different membrane technologies to create innovative processes, ensuring optimal use of resources while respecting the environment."

Alsys's sales engineer, Gilles Berne, passionately emphasizes our commitment to quality and efficiency: "We are mindful of equipment costs while aiming for high performance. This is our way of ensuring cost-effective solutions for our clients by guaranteeing the quality of the provided product."

Alsys positions itself as a key player in the search for sustainable solutions for industrial water management. By combining expertise, innovation, and a firm commitment to responsible water use, our company continues to contribute significantly to the preservation of water resources on a global scale.

Membrane Filtration for Sustainable Water Use

Alsys designs bespoke membrane equipment, such as this reverse osmosis unit installed in tertiary treatment at the outlet of a MBR, for the purpose of reusing treated wastewater in a boiler.

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