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Publié le 19 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021

To celebrate the New Year, here are some of our key events of 2020. Thank you to all our customers and partners for their trust.

Successful commissioning of two DeNOx SCR on biomass boilers

ENERCAT, a French entity of the Alsys group, was chosen for the supply of two DeNOx SCRs on biomass boilers for the Lyon district heating network.


A new ultrafiltration system with ceramic membrane ordered by an automotive industry manufacturer for the treatment of industrial wastewater

ORELIS ENVIRONNEMENT, a French entity of the Alsys group, designs and manufactures ultrafiltration (UF) system that treat wastewater from degreasing bath.

More experiences to treat mining wastewater for suitable discharge to surface water

CLEARBAKK WATER SOLUTIONS, a Canadian entity of the Alsys group, can work with you and your stakeholders from evaluating potential solutions and technologies to bringing your operation online quickly through integration and assembly.

Customized service offering in membrane filtration process design study

CERAMEM, an American entity of the Alsys group, did laboratory test with their ultrafiltration (UF) pilot system to produce water of acceptable quality to enable reuse of the water.

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