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Publié le 4 April 2022

PERSEP spiral membrane Nanofiltration-Reverse Osmosis pilot

In the range of standard filtration systems, Alsys adds the PERSEP spiral membrane Nanofiltration-Reverse Osmosis pilot.

The ALSYS NF-RO 2 x PERSEP 2540 is a tangential filtration unit equipped with industrial membranes and allowing a production of about 1000 L/h of permeate. As a result, this unit, equipped with spiral membranes, is adapted for the study of process parameters, as well as for production. It has 2 separate tanks. One is the working tank. The other one is the Cleaning In Place (CIP) tank. In fact, this membrane filtration system is very compact design. It is basically a 2 in 1, if you will. As well as, it is two filters that work in parallel.

The operation of this crossflow filtration unit is very simple. Because it is, first of all, equipped with manual valves. The measuring instruments are electronic. This allows the data to be displayed on the electrical cabinet. Therefore, it remains under visual control.

The use of this system is very safe. Pump, supplied with a frequency converter, optimizes the process control. The inverter also reduces mechanical stress on motor control applications. Dry-running detection prevents the pump from running during tank filling or emptying operations. And thus protect the system from malfunctioning, this detector warns and stops the pump. The pressure vessels are protected, for example, by a safety valve.

Legend: NF = Nanofiltration - RO = Reverse Osmosis


Find all the information, the technical characteristics in the product sheet which is below.


Data sheet (.pdf): ALSYS - EN0309 - PILOT NF-RO 2 x PERSEP 2540 - Data Sheet - V02.22

PERSEP spiral membrane nanofiltration-reverse osmosis pilot

As shown above, we offer pilots to test at your site. Pilots are available for sale or rent. We can also carry out the tests for you in our pilot hall.

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