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Publié le 1 September 2020

Is minimizing water use one of your sustainability goals?

Do you need to evaluate ways to conserve and reuse your valuable water resource?

Do you have effluent or waste water that is not meeting disposal criteria?

Do you need a pre-engineered solution that is packaged, modular and mobile to solve these issues?


ClearBakk Water Solutions, entity of the Alsys group, can work with you and your stakeholders from evaluating potential solutions and technologies to bringing your operation online quickly through integration and assembly.


Do you have an idea of what you need to get started?

If so great, if not, we can help you get started with Conceptual Design, Technical Requirements, Detailed Engineering and Construction Project Management.


Reach out to our experts (00 1 403 295 80 54) today to find out more on how we can help simplify your processing challenges, we are here to handle all your water engineering needs.

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