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Publié le 11 December 2023

Alsys Advancements in Pervaporation Technology

Technical day on November 14, 2023, by Axelera

Axelera organized a technical day that occurred on November 14, 2023. Axelera is a collaborative platform that is dedicated to innovation in the fields of chemistry and the environment. The technical day was aimed at bringing together industry experts, academics, and researchers to explore the latest advanced in separation techniques and to encourse synergy.


This technical day highlighted the challenges encountered in implementing these techniques, while emphasizing the successes achieved through innovative approaches. Researchers and industrial professionals were invited to submit proposals for presentations on their research, technological advances, and relevant case studies covering a wide range of topics, including new perspectives and emerging trends. Axelera announced that ALSYS was organizing a dedicated session on Innovative Purification Technology: Pervaporation.


Interview with Didier DHALER, Director of Membrane Developments, from ALSYS

Interviewer: Hello Didier, thank you for taking the time to discuss with us today. To start, can you give us an overview of the Technical Day program and ALSYS's role in this event?

Didier DHALER: Hello, I'm delighted to be here. The Technical Day is an exciting initiative that brings together experts and end-users in the field of separation techniques. ALSYS plays an active role as a member of the steering committee, contributing to the organization of sessions on various themes.


Interviewer: Excellent. You presented an innovative pervaporation purification technology during the day. Can you tell us more about this method and how it compares to other techniques?

Didier DHALER: Absolutely. This method is discussed in a competitive context, compared to other techniques such as distillation, reverse osmosis, membrane contactors, etc. Pervaporation, especially with our Hybsi membranes from TNO-ALSYS, offers a unique approach. These hydrophilic membranes combine high water permeability with considerable selectivity while maintaining remarkable stability in demanding conditions such as high temperatures, solvents, and acidic environments [Interviewer's Note: acid pH>2].


Interviewer: Fascinating. Can you share some concrete experiences of ALSYS in pervaporation, along with technical details about your equipment?

Didier DHALER: Certainly. We share our experiences in detail, especially through the European collaborative project MEASURED. This project aims to develop membranes and a pervaporation process. We collaborate with renowned partners such as Aix Marseille University, TNO, Arkema, Orelis Environnement, and CTI on the development of membranes integrated into an acrylic ester synthesis line.


Interviewer: The MEASURED project seems very promising. Can you discuss some of the exciting challenges you face in pervaporating a synthesis process?

Didier DHALER: Certainly. The continuity of water extraction during the synthesis of acrylic esters in an acidic environment, as well as the coupling of pervaporation with other techniques in a multi-step process, are among the exciting challenges we address. These challenges open doors to exploring tailored solutions and stimulate innovation.


Interviewer: Finally, how has this technical day contributed to the development of separation technologies and collaborations with the industry?

Didier DHALER: The dynamic exchanges during this day have led to the establishment of collaborations resulting in concrete trials, in-depth studies, with industrial partners. These discussions have also strengthened our understanding of the relevance of pervaporation in complex separation processes.


Interviewer: Thank you very much, Didier, for these insights. It's a pleasure to learn more about ALSYS's exciting advancements in the field of pervaporation. ” D.L.

Technical day on November 14, 2023, by Axelera
Technical day on November 14, 2023, by Axelera
Didier DHALER - Ph.D, Membranes Development Manager
Didier DHALER – Ph.D, Membranes Development Manager

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