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Publié le 22 July 2020

A manufacturing company in the USA is studying the possibility to recycle water that is presently sent to drain. A laboratory test showed that CeraMem UF was able to produce water of acceptable quality to enable reuse of the water. After the lab test, the customer decided to install one of our pilot unit in its factory. The pilot system will be used to generate performance data needed for the design of a full scale system, and to demonstrate consistent and reliable membrane performance.

The pilot system is equipped with 4 membranes with total area of 452 ft² (42 m²). The unit is expected to process 20 gpm (4,5 m³/h). The performance data will be transmitted to CeraMem daily via remote data acquisition.

Alsys’ capabilities include lab scale feasibility testing, as well as pilot test units with membrane area ranging from 5 ft² (0,5 m²) to 600 ft² (56 m²).