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Publié le 2 September 2021

Membrane services: Development and Production of Membrane Material

Here is the second of four brochures describing Alsys’ service capabilities. This brochure describes Development and Production of Membrane Material.

Alsys develops ceramic and polymeric membranes at its Research & Development and Manufacturing sites in France and the United States. Clearly, we use cutting edge production technologies in order to assure the highest quality and lowest costs. As has been noted, Alsys’ greater than 30 years of experience, know-how, and innovation can help your project to succeed.  

With an annual membrane production capacity of more than 100 000 m². You can be assured that Alsys has the necessary resources to accommodate your requirements.  

Alsys guarantees its customers the supply of reliable products with on-time delivery. Contact us with your project requirements and you will receive a professional review and response within the soonest possible time: orelis@alsys-group.com

More details in the New Data Sheet which presents Alsys' experience and expertise (.pdf): ALSYS - EN0002 - MEMBRANE SERVICES – DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION MEMBRANE MATERIAL - Data Sheet - V08.21