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Publié le 7 April 2021

Let’s focus on CeraMem LLC, an Alsys entity in the USA

CeraMem, located in Waltham, MA, was founded in 1986. The company specializes in ceramic membranes and membrane filtration processes including (MF, UF, NF, RO, and pervaporation). CeraMem manufactures CeraMem® membranes. CeraMem also distributes Kleansep™ and Pleiade® membranes, which are produced by Orelis, a sister company in France.

The broadest range of ceramic membrane products:

CeraMem offers a broad range of ceramic membrane products, including SiC and oxide materials, in tubular and flat sheet formats. The wide product range enables CeraMem to meet the most demanding of process requirements, including (high temperature, and extreme acidic and caustic conditions).

CeraMem systems provide a low lifecycle cost due to the robust construction and durability of the ceramic membranes.


There are more than 430 systems using CeraMem or other Alsys brand membrane products installed around the world, with a total estimated processing capacity greater than 15,000,000 gal/day (2365 m³/h).

Customer services:

CeraMem’s capabilities include feasibility testing, pilot studies, rental equipment, application development, membrane systems,  commissioning, after sale service, and membrane cleaning studies.

Example of CeraMem LLC markets and applications:

Wastewater treatment for disposal or reuse: Oil & gas industry produced water, metal working and metal finishing oily wastewater, industrial laundries, MBR, heavy metals removal), pretreatment to RO, and tailing ponds. 

Drinking water production: emergency water, potable water…


Food and beverage processes: liquid clarification including beverages and ingredients, ,  protein concentration and purification, extract fractionations, desalting, diafiltration, fat removal, replacement of diatomaceous earth based processes

Biotechnology: fermentation broth clarification, downstream purification and fractionation, renewable and plant-based chemicals concentration.

Reuse and recycle processes: caustic cleaner recovery, acid filtration, metal degreasing baths, brine purification…