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Publié le 10 January 2022

How to choose a crossflow membrane filtration system?

How to choose a crossflow membrane filtration system? Alsys designs ceramic membranes and polymeric membranes. The membranes are put in casings, also called housings, depending on the type of membranes (tubular or flat-sheet). The module is the assembly of one or more membranes, one housing and seals.


For example,

- The Kleansep™ module, like the CeraMem® module, consists of ceramic membranes fitted into a cylindrical housing.

- Pleiade® polymeric membranes are clipped onto plates, stacked and clamped between 2 plates of a restraint press using tie rods.


As for the membrane system, also called a skid, it includes the membrane modules feed and circulation pumps, piping and metalwork, measuring instruments, equipment for cleaning in place (CIP), electrical wiring and PLCs.


Alsys has been designing membrane filtration systems for many years. This experience, put to the benefit of our customers, allows us to offer performance and operating guarantees for the unit. With the development of the filtration process and the choice of equipment and subcontractors, the investment (CAPEX) and operational (OPEX) costs of your skid are optimized. Our teams work according to your specifications and recommendations. This is the basis for a successful collaboration. So, how can we help you?


Contact us with your project requirements and you will receive a professional review and response within the soonest possible time: orelis@alsys-group.com