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Publié le 28 April 2021

The KLEANSEP™ ceramic membrane ultrafiltration system for degreasing baths

During degreasing treatments, the solution used in the bath, which is mainly made up of surfactants, becomes concentrated with oil and various constituents present on the surface of the metals, such as sulfur, zinc and phosphorus. The result is a saturation of the bath causing a risk of oily residues on the surface of the metals. To counteract this, the oil concentration in the degreasing bath must be stabilized by UltraFiltration (UF).

With the UF system equipped with ceramic membranes, oil emulsion droplets and all particles larger than 50 nm are stopped. The concentrate can be recovered as energy or other value-added molecules. The permeate, composed of water and surfactants, can be either recycled to produce a clean surfactant solution or be sent to the wastewater treatment plant.


More details (pdf.): ALSYS - EN0020 - KLEANSEP ULTRAFILTRATION SYSTEM - Case study Degreasing Baths - V05.21-2