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Publié le 31 March 2021

Example of applications of ceramic membranes

ALSYS ceramic membranes are tubular filters. Through two complementary product lines, KLEANSEP™ and CERAMEM®, they are well suited for the most demanding applications. Some common examples include:

  • Separation and reuse of valuable liquid and solid by-products in the food industry (production of milk, fruit, juice, wine, etc.)
  • Recycling of water and chemicals used by industry, such as degreasing baths, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, and detergents


The applications are made possible because of the following product characteristics:

  • Wide range of selectivity, with pore size/MWCO including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures
  • Compatibility with aggressive chemicals including oxidizers, solvents, acids, and caustics ...
  • Ability to withstand high concentrations of oil and solids
  • Strong and durable materials of constructions
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Long working life