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Publié le 16 June 2021

Analysis of the separation problem and evaluation of membrane technologies

As part of our series of 4 brochures on Alsys’ membrane service offerings, here is the first brochure presenting our range of services related to process development.


Your project consists of:

  • the analysis of a separation problem?
  • evaluation of membrane technologies?


Alsys offers you the following services and products:

  • We perform feasibility studies to define the process best suited to your project. These tests are carried out on our site or in-situ. They will contribute to select the best filter suited to the desired separation (for example, ceramic membranes or organic membranes).
  • We offer a range of pilots designed to perform preliminary feasibility studies and industrial tests. These mobile systems are offered for sale or for rental (laboratory or semi-industrial size or Micro-Kleansep™ portable filtration system in a suitcase).