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Publié le 23 September 2021

Membrane system design and supply

Membrane system design and supply by Alsys. Design and supply membrane systems based on the specific needs of its customers. Recent examples are in the chemical industries (nuclear power industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic…). Other developments are in the food and beverage and maritime field. We have historically developed many membrane system in water treatment.

In other words, Alsys' expertise allows the development of ceramic or organic membrane crossflow filtration systems adapted to specific applications.

MF, UF and RO systems for processing of fruit (grape…) and wine waste. The systems recover water and valorise the waste with use of Kleansep™ ceramic UF ultrafiltration, MF microfiltration membranes, and tubular polymeric RO membranes. 

Alsys specializes in unique applications and custom designs. Therefore, contact us with your project requirements and you will receive a professional review and response within the soonest possible time: orelis@alsys-group.com

More details in the New Data Sheet which presents Alsys' experience and expertise.