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Publié le 13 April 2022

MP4 crossflow filtration module compact and efficient

The polymer membranes are used in the P2000 plate and frame modules of the PLEIADE® range. They are also used in the range of MP4 crossflow filtration module. These are also plate and frame modules. We present the MP4 crossflow filtration module compact and efficient in this article. The design of this module is the same, in some points, to that of the P2000 module.

Indeed, it is a stack of membrane holding plates (in staggered order) and stainless-steel separator plates that constitute this module. The membrane holding plates are composed of polypropylene plates, flat membranes sheets and gaskets. Polymer membranes are PAN or PVDF quality. The seals are made of nitrile and have 3 goals:

  • Retentate/permeate watertightness: they are hardly tightened to ensure a good watertightness,
  • Watertightness of the fluid from the outside of the module,
  • The design of the liquid vein, which means that they represent the fluid cross section.


MP4 crossflow filtration module design

Threaded metal tie rods are used to clamp these plates between 2 stainless steel trays. This structure thus made finishes the module which allows it to stand up.

Its main difference with the P2000 module is its compactness. Its surface area is about 380x380 mm for a module of 9 m² of membrane area, excluding connections. It is in our workshops that our operators carry out the assembly of the MP4 module.

MP4 crossflow filtration module

MP4 moduleTherefore, by its conception and design, this module, once assembled, is ready to use. That is to say the trays, also called clamping plates, serve as a support structure. The module is connected with flexible or non-flexible connections. Before connecting the module, the system should be flushed to ensure that the pipes are free of foreign bodies and deposits.

Once connected to the system, the module is ready to perform filtration operations. For the filtration phase, the inputs and outputs of the module are all connected.

How does the MP4 module work?

The fluid moves tangentially to the membrane. Under the effect of the pressure, the filtrate crosses the membrane. It is collected by a collector integrated in the MP4 module.

It is through the collection cassettes that the efficiency of the filtration can be seen, through a transparent display. The distance between the modules is about 600 mm. This allows access to the permeate cassettes to the left and right of the MP4 module. When the permeate is turbid. This membrane holding plate can be easily isolated by the cassette. Indeed, the screws fixed on each cassette allow to stop the fluid in the membrane holder plate by blocking the liquid vein. 

The cassettes: permeate visualization device

Maintenance of the MP4 module

The MP4 module requires very little maintenance. The monitoring of the hydraulic parameters allows an optimized use and a perennial life of the membranes. This monitoring allows, in particular, to anticipate a drop in flow. Only the respect of its good functioning is important. Indeed, temperature and pressure are indicators to be followed. Water hammer should be avoided, as with all membrane installations.

When the measuring instruments indicate bad results. It is time to change the membranes. Because of the unique design of MP4 crossflow filtration module. First, we stop the unit, then we disconnect the connections and we replace the entire module. A very short downtime is sufficient to install a new module. After rinsing the pipes, filtration can be do.


For more information (.pdf): ALSYS - EN0073 - MP4 POLYMERIC MEMBRANES - Data Sheet - V10.21


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Unit of 8 modules filtration MP4