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Publié le 24 March 2021

Shipboard bilge water

Ship's bilge water has a high oil content. The rules of the MARPOL convention require discharges at sea to be below 15 ppm. Only a membrane filtration system allows to reach this concentration. This is why Alsys proposes the KLEARSEP oily water separator. It allows to reduce this concentration to less than 5 ppm.

This KLEARSEP oily water separator is approved for a flow rate of 2,5 m3/h (8.8 US gpm). Its small size makes it suitable for installation on existing vessels as well as on new constructions.

Our membrane process engineers and after-sales technicians are also at your disposal for technical services on your vessels (troubleshooting, technical audit and diagnosis of the filtration process...).

For more information, see our brochure (.pdf): ALSYS - EN0030 - KLEARSEP OILY WATER SEPARATOR - Data Sheet - V03.21