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Publié le 20 June 2023

ORELIS and CTI - Leaders in Membrane Technologies Innovations

ORELIS and CTI - Leaders in Membrane Technologies Innovations for the MEASURED Project

In the world today, the importance of energy efficiency and sustainable development has never been more crucial. In this context, technological advancements play a vital role in addressing environmental challenges. Among these advancements, ORELIS and CTI have developed eco-friendly membrane technologies that stand out as a promising solution. These technologies will help reduce the environmental impact of many industries and improve the efficiency and sustainability of manufacturing processes.

As key membrane innovators, ORELIS and CTI participate as active members in the European project MEASURED. This project brings together renowned companies and institutions from around the world. By working together to push the boundaries of membrane technologies in the field of pervaporation and distillation, the ultimate goal is to lay the foundation for the future commercialization of more environmentally friendly technological pathways.

"We are proud to be an integral part of the MEASURED consortium and to collaborate with esteemed partners such as ORELIS, CTI, TNO, the University of Marseille, and Arkema. This initiative is a unique opportunity to combine our respective expertise to achieve a common goal: the development of innovative membrane technologies integrated into chemical synthesis processes" emphasizes Didier DHALER, R&D Director of Membrane Developments.


ALSYS Collaboration Roles

CTI plays an essential role in developing acid-resistant pervaporation membranes. These innovative membranes can integrate into a synthesis system, providing a more sustainable and efficient solution for industrial processes. CTI’s expertise can help overcome technical challenges and contribute to developing more environmentally friendly synthesis processes.

Simultaneously, ORELIS focuses on creating innovative equipment to replace standard evaporation/distillation column processes. Pervaporation is a more selective technology that will reduce by-products and improve synthesis yield while reducing the overall environmental footprint. Our collaboration also includes the design and implementation of a pilot system. Specifically, a pilot system that is compliant with ATEX standards for our partner, ensuring the safety and reliability of our operations.

Diverse Skillsets

ORELIS and CTI - Leaders in Membrane Technologies Innovations in the MEASURED Project


The diversity of skills within this consortium, combined with our shared commitment to sustainable development, will result in success. Together, we will strive to push the boundaries of membrane technologies and pave the way for a more environmentally friendly future in the field of industrial synthesis.

“We look forward to taking on this challenge and actively contributing to achieving this ambitious goal. With our expertise and commitment to sustainable development, we are confident that the MEASURED project will be a success. In this way, the industry will progress towards more environmentally friendly practices,” concludes Didier DHALER.