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Publié le 2 June 2022

Small crossflow filtration plant with ceramic membranes in 10 feet container

In line with the design of standardized units, Alsys creates a small crossflow filtration plant. Indeed, Alsys puts in 10 feet container a small crossflow filtration plant with ceramic membranes. The standardization of this type of unit allows Alsys to offer a compact plant. It develops a floor area of 7 m². This ceramic membrane tangential filtration unit offers the advantages of an outdoor building. While keeping dimensions quite appropriate. Because it also fits into a building as a dedicated room.  

Its size facilitates its movement even within a building. The mobility of this plant is an asset for temporary use on a site. Still, the machine runs on automatically. Connection is very easy. In fact, it is easily connected to the inlet fluids, through openings provided for this purpose.

Crossflow filtration skid in a container

The main quality of this crossflow filtration skid is that it is in a container. This is an asset because it is weather-proof  when used outdoors. It is, as we said, easy to plug in. The designer of this unit specifies that this skid has an optimized ergonomics. Indeed, the work space is comfortable and easy to maintain. This station has an automated system that requires very little human intervention. Especially since the membranes are made of ceramic, with a long lifetime. They are very strong. Like the stainless steel materials that equip this skid.

Small multi-use plant

As we said earlier, it is first and foremost a stand-alone tool. Ceramic membranes allow filtration of all kinds of liquids. An air conditioning system allows to manage the temperature inside the container. The small volume in the container allows the use of this small air cooler. It is used during the filtration sequence to keep the instruments at the desired temperature. It is also very useful during staff interventions. This allows the station controller to take technical readings in comfort. The wetted materials are 316L stainless steel and the seals are PTFE/FKM/EPDM. That’s why this small plant is multi-use. For safety reasons, sensors warn of dry running of the pump during filtration sequences. In fact, detectors also prevent the risk of high pressure. An integrated CIP is included in this small filtration unit. Dosing pumps diffuse the product according to the control.

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Small crossflow filtration plant with ceramic membranes compact, mobile and secureBy Orelis Environnement – Alsys-Group

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10 feet container

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