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Publié le 11 March 2021

Technical services on an ultrafiltration plant for the production of pharmaceutical compounds

Customer service is at the heart of doing business with ALSYS. Last week, a membrane process engineer and a technician from ALSYS headquarters in France provided emergency on-site technical services. Designed by an international client, the filtration system is used to produce pharmaceutical compounds critical in the fight against COVID-19. The service was provided in spite of the difficulties and restrictions associated with travelling abroad.   

The scope of the work performed by Alsys included the following:

  • Integrity test of the modules and ceramic membranes.
  • Filtration process diagnosis. The expert membrane engineer carried out a diagnosis of the customer's manufacturing process and a critical review of the membrane equipment and installation.

Over the next few days, more in-depth investigations will be conducted in Alsys’ laboratories in order to assess the type of membranes best suited for the customer's process and thus resolve the problem.