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Publié le 16 November 2021

Membrane service packages: Understanding crossflow filtration membrane system operation

Understanding crossflow filtration membrane system operation by Alsys.

Once your crossflow filtration system is installed, its start-up and operation require skills and experience. That's why Alsys offers a set of services to support its customers:


Technical assistance for start-up and training

During the commissioning of the installation, Alsys engineers and technicians assist the customer. They assist in the commissioning, start-up and the training of the personnel. The assistance includes: membrane loading, system leak testing, membrane integrity testing, functional testing, membrane cleaning, process optimization and operator training.


System monitoring and auditing

Regular monitoring helps to ensure the desired membrane performance is consistently achieved. Alsys teams rely on regular monitoring reports to analyze the performance of MF microfiltration, UF ultrafiltration, NF nanofiltration or RO reverse osmosis systems.

Multiple factors can be responsible for poor performance of industrial installations. This is why it is important to set up a maintenance routine and key performance indicators. On-site monitoring ensures the sustainability of your installation. The use of a remote connection limits the intervention costs, and enables follow-up of key information in real time, resulting in faster reactivity in case of incident.


Upgrading of existing systems (retrofit, optimization)

Alsys can also help you upgrading existing systems. This may include rehabilitation or revamping of a failing system by addition of hardware, or a change in process control. 

Alsys has deep experience in the optimization of existing systems, such as improving the CIP procedure, or with upgrading the system instrumentation in order to minimize the operating costs.


Membrane replacement and after sales service

Alsys offers the supply and installation of new and replacement ceramic membranes, gaskets, and seals.

Before scheduling a membrane retrofit, Alsys recommends a complete review of the system performance and procedures, for instance. The purpose of the review is to determine if the membranes' life can be extended.


Expertise and examination of ceramic and polymer membranes

Membrane autopsy can be performed in Alsys’ laboratories. With the help of tools such as SEM microscope and chemical analysis. And with the experience and expertise of our personnel, we can characterize any membrane damage. In fact, we can characterize any membrane deterioration due to chemical or mechanical effects, and the severity and composition of the fouling layer. Based on the autopsy findings, Alsys will provide recommendations for improvement.


Alsys specializes in unique applications and custom designs. Contact us with your project requirements and you will receive a professional review and response within the soonest possible time: orelis@alsys-group.com


As a result, we respect your technical jobs, we take our job very, very seriously, it is in this spirit of partnership that we act!



More details in the New Data Sheet which presents Alsys' experience and expertise understanding crossflow filtration membrane system operation (.pdf): ALSYS - EN0004 - MEMBRANE SERVICES – OPERATION of MEMBRANE FILTRATION SYSTEMS - Data Sheet - V07.21