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Publié le 22 March 2019

Ceramic membrane - Crossflow filtration


Download this article from l’Eau l’Industrie les Nuisances magazine (n°419 – February 2019 – Page 64): ORELIS ENVIRONNEMENT - EIN 419 - effluents-viti-vinicoles-une-palette-de-traitements-toujours-plus-large


Crossflow filtration with ceramic membrane in the wine-production effluents treatment: a flourishing process

Agri-food waste recovery is a growing activity, especially the waste from the grape industry in wine cellar and distilleries through crossflow filtration technology with ceramic membrane.
The reason for choosing this process is its selectivity, recovery rate on performance, and high temperature resistance (distillery outlet).
This technology allows the filtration of high value chemical compounds (ultrafiltration and/or microfiltration) or the continuous water recovery from the vinasse and the piquette of marc for disposal or reuse in a tertiary water treatment (reverse osmosis).
Moreover, this technology is already mature and well known in the wine industry for the clarification and microbiological stabilization of wines.