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Publié le 29 April 2021

Unique Laundry Effluent Treatment System using CeraMem® Ceramic Membranes

CeraMem® ceramic membranes have been used to treat laundry wastewater for more than 25 years. CeraMem LLC has developed a range of systems that offer substantial savings in water, power consumption, detergent, and sewer costs. CeraMem systems provide an effective technology platform for laundry applications.

The system supplied is a compact, modular unit with flexible features and capabilities that can be fully integrated into each unique laundry.

Plug and play skid is supplied with membranes, housings, CIP and CEB tanks, CIP mixer, pumps, and basket strainer.

The pre-engineered, modular system can be adapted to provide solutions for different laundries’ requirements. 95% of the incoming wastewater can be converted into oil- and solid-free permeate. The water balance of the overall facility is limited by the dissolved ions: about 50-70% can be recycled with a CeraMem system. A RO system can be added to remove dissolved ions (such as chlorides) to achieve up to a 90% overall recovery.

In the brochure, you will find the performances of the CeraMem filtration systems according to whether the wash water is difficult or easy: ALSYS – US0603 – INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRIES – Data Sheet – V03.21