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Publié le 31 March 2021

Membrane filtration systems for water and valuable resource recovery from food and beverage production wastes

Alsys has experience in the supply of equipment and process know-how for use in water recycling and resource recovery by the food and beverage industries.

Alsys’ users include wineries, juice production plants, and distilleries.

The benefits of water and resource recovery are made possible by a combination of Alsys’ products and the expertise of its process engineering team.

The key products used are ceramic ultrafiltration membranes and tubular polymeric reverse osmosis membranes.

Tubular ceramic membrane technology is already well known in the wine industry, where it has been long used for wine, lees, or must clarification, and microbiological stabilization. The same technology also enables the recovery of high value compounds from grape and wine processing wastes.

Use of tubular polymeric reverse osmosis membranes enables high recovery of water and reliable operation with strong fouling liquids.

Alsys membrane process engineers excel at converting an idea or process concept into a reality. The strong process engineering and technical support results in an optimized, cost-effective system design.

Give us your most demanding water recycle or resource recovery opportunity or challenge, and let us propose a solution with guaranteed performance for you.